Comrades Gerry and Lyn Belanger scheduled a brief stop in The Netherlands on their way to an African adventure. Gerry had an uncle buried at Holten War Cemetary. It was Gerry’s fathers hope that one day he could visit his brother. Noel did not make that trip. Gerry decided this would be his pilgrimage to honour his father’s wish.

Thier hosts, Yvonne and Barry, gathered everyone together at the Mondani Canadian restaurant in Lochem. Everyone refers to members of the Royal Canadian Legion from the area. These included Marga Timmerman, President, Hendrik Kuiper, Sgt-At-Arms, Colour Party and Piper and some associated guests.

After having lunch, there was an exchange of gifts, which Gerry and Lyn brought from Winnipeg to present to Yvonne and Barry. Yvonne is holding a Hockey Canada t-shirt which was for her son. They in turn provided gifts of authentic Dutch shoes that you see Gerry and Lyn modeling.


Gerry is presenting to Marga the plaque which the membership of Branch 42 approved to show appreciation for their assistance to visiting comrades. It is the first plaque Branch 005 has received. Our Province of Manitoba MLA Greg Dewar gave us a provincial flag which we also presented to Branch 005.

Holten war cemetery is approximately ˝ hour drive from Lochem. It was a cold, rainy, snowy afternoon. Our hosts provided a wreath of fresh roses to place at the gravesite of Comrade C J Belanger. The Colour Party and Piper added to what was a very emotional experience for Gerry and Lyn.

Following the brief wreath laying ceremony, Gerry signed the Holten Cemetery guest book.

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