The following is a list and record of our fallen heroes from the Selkirk, Petersfield, Clandeboye and Lockport area who paid the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. Click on the name of the fallen and it will take you to The Commonwealth War Graves Commission casualty details. If you know of anyone who may be missing from this list please contact our webmaster.

The information compiled here was provided by a book called A PLACE OF HONOUR - Manitoba's War Dead Commemorated in its Geography as well as the cenotaph located in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Adams, William C Anderson, Adolph Willard
Anderson, John Anderson, Vernon
Barnson, Arthur Theodore Bayer, Edward Granville
Belanger, Alphonse Gaudias "Googie" Belanger, Charles J
Berrisford, Gordon Harold Bestick, Frank Frederick
Birston, Hilliard John Henry Brandow, Roy Leonard
Burch, Roy Victor Clarke, William Alfred "Alfie"
Coulter, John Stewart Craig, John Ian
Drummey, Robert Roy Fiddler, Roderick
Fielding, Donald Raymond James Franko, Harry
Goodman, Oscar Goodmanson, Johannes "Joe"
Gordon, MacDonald Stuart Gordon, William Frederick
Griffiths, Charles Anthony Hanson, Kenneth Harold
Hawes, Malcolm J Hawkes, Douglas
Hepburn, Stuart Alexander Wilson Hilts, Ervin L
Hodgson, Edwin Davis "Ed" Hopkins, Douglas James
Houghton, Lawrence Edward Jackson, Stanley
Johnson, Olie Johnston, Merritt E
Leyland, John William Lincoln, Percy Charles
Linklater, William Benjamin Little, Gordon James
MacFie, John Graham Mayor, George William
McCumber, Guy P McDonald, Donald Smith
McDonald, John Campbell "Cammy" McKay, Martin Neil
McPhail, Walter C Moore, Martin
Moran (alias Pollock), Patrick J Norquay, Charles John Cameron
Olynyk, Harry Pascal, Stephen
Patton, Charles Reginald Patton, Victor E
Piercy, James Wallace Price, Sidney G
Rose, Kenneth Y Sanders, Frederick R
Sanderson, Isaac Sandison, Walter John
Shiaro, Arthur P Silkey, Samuel
Smith, Orville Duncan "Odee" Solnik, Paul
Sopko, Andrew Stapleton, John Wilkins
Staradub, Albert Stefanic, Victor Jacob
Stefanson, Gisli Sigurdur Stefanuik, Nicholas
Stephanson, Magnus Swain, Arthur Archibald
Tetroe, Charles Wilfred "Bud" Tetroe, Frank
Townsend, George H  
Adams, G Anderson, A M
Anderson, C Anderson, D
Anderson, E Anderson, J C
Asham, K Atkinson, A
Atkinson, S Ausmundson, G G
Ballendine, H Ballendine, W
Ballentine, S Barnhill, J
Bedard, G Birston, A
Bjarnson, G T Bowman, G
Bowman, K J Brown, J
Cachtley, J Calverley, H
Canvin, H Chislett, A J
Christianson, E Clarke, H C
Connolly, J Cook, P R
Cook, R Corrigal, W
Couture, E Cumming, R J
Cumming, W Davies, C
Davies, D E Davis, T J
Day, T H Dewar, A S
Dewar, W J Donald, G
Favel, R J Fidler, E
Fidler, E Fidler, H G
Flett, A Flett, C
Flett, J Freeman, A
Freeman, S Frost, E
Gallagher, J Gilchrist, W
Gilhuly, R H Goodrick, J H
Gordon, Donald  
Grieve, T Grisdale, P
Halpin, C P Hardman, P
Hodgson, A Hooker, L
Hourie, J R Hourie, R
Howell, M Isbester, J
Johnson, J M Johnson, R
Johnson, S T Johnstone, J M
Jones, J W Joyce, W
Kelly, S M Kennedy, A J
Kett, B Kippling, R
Kirkness, H C Lambert, A
Lane, R S Lane, W McD
LeBlanc, W Lewis, S H
Lillie, D Linklater, F W
Linklater, W Loutit, S
Lupel, W Lyons, C E
MacDougall, D MacPherson, J A
MacRae, D Marshall, J K
Marshall, L W Mayo, W
McAllister, N McAuley, A M
McCorrister, J McCorrister, O
McCorrister, W R McDonald, A C
McIvor, R McPhail, J
Miller, W H Mitchell, F
Morrison, D A Morrison, I
Mowat, J Mowat, T
Mowat, T Munroe, R
O'Reilly, R Park, G
Partington, C T Pook, E
Potter, G Pruden, H
Pruden, H Pruden, O
Quickfall, H E Reid, J
Robertson, A Rochford, G
Rosie, W J Ross-Nurse, A J
Saunders, T Sellick, C
Setter, A Shaw, E
Sigurdson, A T Simpson, G
Sinclair, A G Sinclair, G C
Sinclair, J Sinclair, S
Skinner, M E Smith, B
Smith, D Smith, J
Smith, T J Snyder, J V
Stevens, A G Stibbard, S
Stranger, D Summerscales, R W
Swain, J Sykes, J
Tait, R Tetroe, F
Thomas, D Thomas, J T
Thompson, J S Truthwaite, V
Vezena, L Vezena, W
Walterson, F Watson, R
Waugh, S Wesley, T
Young, A Young, J
Young, R S